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To the beloved Bahá'í friends throughout the world

Dearest Bahá'í friends        Alláh'u'Abhá
"The Meaning of Life Course"
14 Videotapes and 218 page Course Support Notes
Our beloved Department of the Secretariat in Haifa on 15 August 2000 wrote and said:

"Mr. Khosro Deihim
"United Kingdom

"Dear Bahá'í Friend,
Your letter dated 17 May 2000 and the 14 video tapes that compose "The Meaning of Life Course", as well as the 218 pages of supporting notes, were warmly received by the Universal House of Justice.

The spirit of dedication of the team of the George Townshend Travelling Bahá'í Teacher Training and Teaching Project in undertaking this endeavour is greatly appreciated. We are to extend to the participants of this project the loving commendation of the House of Justice and its assurance of prayers at the Sacred Threshold that the Blessed beauty may continue to assist and sustain their concerted endeavours as they persevere in their service to His Cause."

We, therefore, would now like to inform the friends in more detail about this Study Course entitled "The Meaning of Life" which is available in 14 three hour Video Tapes with 218 page Course Support Notes which naturally were reviewed and approved by our beloved NSA in the U.K prior to presentation to our beloved Universal House of Justice.

The course is specifically aimed at the general public and those who are interested in the deeper aspects of our existence on this planet and our role in life. The course material is based on over 45 years of research and study of the Bahá'í Faith Scriptures and Writings i.e. Revelation of the Báb 'King of the Messengers' (1819-1850), Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh 'The Glory of God' (1817-1892) and their only authorized expounders: 'Abdu'l-Bahá 'The Master' (1844-1921), and Shoghi Effendi 'The Guardian' (1897-1957).

We recommend these videos and course notes for presentation to and use of Interfaith Fellowships, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, societies, clubs, Adult Educational Departments, Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Public Libraries, National and Regional Television Broadcasting Services, close contacts at your firesides, and Bahá'í Deepenings.







Introduction to the Course and Reference Material.
What is our place in the Universe?
Where have we come from?
Who are we?
Where are we Historically?
What is the Meaning of Life?
What is our Purpose?
Where are we going?
What are the Spiritual Dimensions?
The Covenant of God.
The 7 Powers for Self-Development and Empowerment.
Moral Excellence.
Our Knowledge of the Physical Universe.
Harmoniously developing our Mind, Emotions and Will.
Life as a Metaphor
Magnetic Principle, and Dynamics of Success and Failure.
Importance of Prayer and Meditation.
13 Social Principles
A New World Order and Goals of the New World.
A More Advanced Civilization.
7 Candles of Unity.
Unity in Diversity.
Blueprint for Global Governance.
Your Authority, Courage, Loyalty, Devotion, Responsibility, and Strategic Planning.
Your own Project, its Structure, Principles, Practices and Aims.
How to find Right Minded friends to work with.
The Universal House of Justice, National and Local Spiritual Assemblies.
Tablets of the Divine Plan
The presenter of the Course is Mr. Khosro Deihim who has been a Bahá'í for over 45 years and has studied and researched the Holy Scriptures and the Writings thoroughly and extensively. This has enabled him to compile the Course on which he has worked unstintingly for the last 6 years. The result of this work is now about to be unfolded before you in a journey of exploration that will transform your present knowledge and empower you with perfect assurance.
We have had the great privilege of running this Course live in Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Barnet in Greater London 4 times, Nuneaton, Manchester, Brighton & Hove, Northampton, Sidcot Summer School in Somerset, Swindon, Hackney in Greater London, Kirklees, Her Majesty's Prison Stocken in Leicestershire, Birmingham, and Harringay in Greater London.

A large number of friends, communities, and Bahá'í organizations worldwide have obtained the Course Videos and Support Notes for their teaching, training, and socioeconomic development work.

We are able to run the complete Course live over five days Monday to Friday or in three weekends Saturday to Sunday in your own Community if you invite us.
We have now begun to produce these videos of 35 hours viewing time and course support notes for worldwide distribution in VHS PAL UK format and VHS NTSC USA format. Could the beloved individual friends, Spiritual Assemblies and Groups who wish to obtain a copy send their orders to Mr. Khosro Deihim, 65 Grosvenor Road, Dalton, Huddersfield, HD5 9JB, England U.K.




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